How Technology is Changing Your Children’s Education

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How Technology is Changing Your Children’s Education

Author : Jorge Campos
July 1, 2016

The children in our lives really are the future. It is our utmost priority to set them up for their futures so that they are prepared to become financially successful. With technology quickly seeping into every aspect of our lives, algorithms and software applications are becoming part of a larger system of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots. Every industry will be affected by more complex and intelligent systems that will replace millions of jobs. Learning essential skills in mathematics, science, and computing is the best way for our children to stay competitive in their future.

Computing: Hands-on

Google has created a hands-on game concept using electrical blocks called Google Bloks. Assembling the blocks creates real programs, designed to interact with smartphones and tablets. Children can create commands to produce music or design automated toys. This style of collaboration allows children to socialize with each other rather than isolating them to a computer screen. The block concept was developed in the 1970s and the Google Bloks game is in its early stages. A free program that is currently available and similar to the idea of coding collaboration for children is CoderDojo. A global collaboration of volunteers teaches children to code, build websites, and create games in a hands-on setting. For more ideas on how to involve teens and adults in free coding sessions, click here.

How Technology is Changing Your Children’s Education

How Technology is Changing Your Children’s Education

Interactive STEM Learning

STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and math education. Nationally, there are more jobs open in these sectors than there is qualified talent. This gap will only increase in the upcoming years and careers in these industries will offer some of the highest-paid salaries. The implementation of STEM skills will affect almost every industry in areas of research, leadership, and innovation. Keeping children involved while learning STEM skills is at the forefront of an educational shift in school programs. Here in Florida one such pioneering program increasing the involvement of preschoolers in STEM skills is the STEM Lab at the Amazing Explorers Academy based in Orlando, developed in partnership with the Orlando Science Center. in Orlando, Florida developed in partnership with the Orlando Science Center. The Lab allows children to get hands-on experience developing critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills while doing fun activities such as digging up dinosaur bones, building highways, or executing medical experiments. This type of real-life experience empowers children and creates confidence towards continuing STEM careers.

Children have an unprecedented access to a limitless amount of information on any subject. With all of this experience in using technology, we assume our children will be prepared for the future. However, using the technology won’t be enough. STEM skills are now becoming a requirement rather than an option and almost every job in the future will benefit from people that know how to code. There are many resources available that can give the children in your life a kick-start.

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