18 years of experience managing teams for large corporations makes us a strong partner
for all your application outsourcing, maintenance, and support needs.

Full-cycle Development

We provide access for businesses to a highly experienced software engineering team at a very affordable cost. WBPRO works as your development team or as an extension of your technical team, allowing you to increase your capacity while lowering costs.

With a dedicated team, you have access to highly experienced senior engineers while maintaining maximum flexibility. It works great for an Agile development process or for maintenance, support, and upgrade to existing applications. WBPRO has a unique way of providing clients with the benefits of traditional dedicated team model while ensuring accountability and focus.

National Water outsourced software development to WBPRO

WBPRO created Prime Audit, a
web-based application, meeting National Water goals by helping the end user to process an existing contractor estimate resulting in a fully audited estimate.

The Benefits of Outsourcing

Financial Restructuring

Improving the business’s financial position while reducing or at least containing costs

Core Competence

Redirecting the business and IT into
core competency

Technology Catalyst

Strengthening resources and flexibility in technology and service to underpin the business strategic direction

Business Transition

Facilitating and supporting major
organizational change

Business Innovation

Improving and innovating in processes, skills and technology, while mediating financial risk through the vendor

Time to Market

Accelerating the product’s time
to market

Remote Software Development

Here is an example of a team combination that works best for most of the requirements when you first start working with a remote software development team.

Our Key Service Offerings


With WBPRO Outsource Software Development option, you can hire one or more developers to work as an extended team to your existing team and accelerate the project progress.

Hire Developers


With WBPRO Outsource Software Development option, you can hire an entire team of software developers that consists of Project Manager, Designer, Developer, and Quality Analyst.

Hire Team


You can hire one or more Quality Analysts to support your development team for testing the application using both manual testing and automated testing and creating the test cases.

Hire QA