We provide services that promote visibility, simplicity, and protection.

Protect Your Digital Assets

WBPRO security services help you take back control of your cybersecurity based on the needs of your business. Our solutions give you actionable insights to successfully predict, prevent, detect and respond to threats.

Provide secure processing and governance of user identities and access in your business, and ensure users always have safe access to the right systems and applications.

Security Advisory and Consultancy

 Bolster your security professionals with our years of expertise to establish robust standards, mitigate risks and reduce downtime. Security presents one of the biggest challenges for businesses today. You need to keep track of evolving threats, complex risk management, and a changing compliance landscape. We help organizations by taking the complexity out of cybersecurity and ensuring they always have the best combination of services to protect their business.

Our Software Security Services

Security, traditionally viewed as something very much technical, is today much more holistic.

Security Review

Give your business a thorough security check that highlights the critical vulnerabilities and suggests the best way to solve them.

Compliance Advisory

Compliance doesn’t have to be such a labyrinth of regulations. We can guide you in the right direction and ensure that best practices is not only documents but also put into operation.

Strategy and Policy Design

We help you to create strategy and policies against the framework of current information security standards that enable rapid development and adoption of new technology and streamline your business.

Security Governance Models

Bring clarity to your governance structure by setting a uniform framework, with clear accountable roles, policies, processes, and guidelines that can be adopted across your organization.

Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Minimize the business impact of an interruption to IT service with a strategy that educates staff, is regularly tested, involves all relevant parties and can even prevent downtime.

Risk Assessment and Management

Help your stakeholders see the bigger picture and how risks relate to each other with our structured risk assessment approach that helps you prioritize and minimize threats more effectively.

Our Key Service Offerings


Identify vulnerabilities in SOAP-based services and RESTful APIs hosted locally or in the cloud. Identify security problems before the software is built. Uncover design flaws, reduce the overall code review effort, and minimize costly fixes.

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Our data security offerings provide holistic data security controls to mitigate the risk and threats identified to each sensitive data type and on the basis of specific protection required for data silos across creation, use, and transmission.

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We help our clients assess security and risk tolerance, determine the right level of security for their cloud ambitions and design a comprehensive strategy and security architecture to support their goals while keeping within established risk tolerances.

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What our clients say

The worlds largest enterprises use WBPRO software applications.

See what our clients have to say about our high-quality development services, helping them transform their organization.

“Having worked with WBPRO for past 8 years, in two different insurance-related companies, WBPRO has delivered high-quality development services. I have always found their work to be thorough and delivered on time and within budget. WBPRO’s responsiveness to the client request has always been immediate and they always offer insights to development work they do for us and explain what is good for the long term.”

Douglas Dell
Vice President – Vale Training a Sedgwick Company

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