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Our partnership with our clients promotes an interactive process that improves design and development efficiency making us the one of the best instructional design companies in the market.

Instructional Design Services

Do you believe that learning should never stop, not even when a pandemic takes the world by storm and confines people to home? Would you like to implement a lesson that was once effective in a face-to-face classroom in an online setting? Have you set a learning goal for your online students and want to brainstorm your ideas with someone who is passionate about online learning?

Do you want to conduct research in your online classroom to gauge the effectiveness of the strategy and would like assistance in setting it up? This is where we can help. Our team of Instructional Designers can get you the training solutions that match your requirements and budget.

While you are the expert in your content, our Instructional Designers can turn your information into an interesting and interactive format, facilitating better retention and on-site knowledge application.

Case Study: PILOT

WBPRO built the LMS and provided Instructional Design Services for PILOT. The LMS provides courses, training videos, quizzes, and exams, allowing learners to earn credits and certifications.

LMS has trained more than 27,000 learners so far and has reduced the per-employee cost versus traditional training by 60%.

Building with Learner Experience in Mind

Our Instructional Design specialists use storyboards and technologies to provide structure to your learning material. Using the ADDIE approach, we design and implement e-learning tools that meet your learner profile and learning objectives. We organize your training content and present the lessons in the most effective order and formats!

Establishing the Path to Competency

First things first—without a clear goal in mind, an assessment of the pitfalls involved, and a keen understanding of your learners, a training solution isn’t going to work. Our team will work hand in hand with yours to address the big-picture, conceptual framework of your learning solution.

Our time-tested process of need analysis and reporting will help you figure out exactly where to start. From there, we’ll work with your Subject Matter Experts to understand your content and frame the strategy for effective delivering of the content. Your expert knows the content best and we know the training model; together we build an extremely productive training program that promises a visible output for your learners and organization.

We’re proficient in curating client content from multiple industries, giving us the ability to adopt the best educational concepts from your own library into a learning solution tailored to engage and excite your audience.

Cultivating Versatile Learning Ecosystems

A key strategy that we bring to creating a unique learner experience with each course is our familiarity with different training approaches, pedagogies, and modalities. Our teams are skilled at creating web-based training, instructor-led training, and blended learning that combines aspects of both.

In addition to our overall grasp on multi-user training approaches, we’ve also narrowed our focus on specific, industry-based strategies that can turn a good learning solution into a great learning solution.

Our services are not just limited to corporates. We have a team dedicated to building courses and learning materials for students of both school and college levels. We assist the K-12 segment by creating design models that help to break the curriculum into discrete, manageable units. Our training solutions use interactive strategy that facilitate easy learning and better retention.

Our E-Learning Stregths

Instructional Design


Regardless of the industry, a jolt of gamified learning is not only a great way to increase learner engagement but also a fruitful exercise for the brain. We approach gamification by creating something that fits organically into your learning solution. Our gamified content is excellent for social work environments or companies that like to inspire friendly competition among their workforce.

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On-demand Learning

The most important tool for the job is the one you need right now, and on-demand learning teaches learners how to quickly and correctly choose and access whatever that tool may be. On-demand learning is ideal for companies that work with technical equipment or information.

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Small, easily accessible bursts of learning have become increasingly popular in today’s training industry. Learners like them because they can learn something new without spending a whole workday in a classroom. Microlearning is a perfect strategy for companies that value the flexibility of their workforce and like their learning to be dispersed as quickly as possible.

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Customer Stories

Our customers are everything. They inspire us, teach us, and motivate us to always do better. Through their stories, you’ll learn how we work closely with our clients to design custom e-learning solutions and instruction designs that meet businesses’ goals and have a measurable impact on employees and learners making us one of the best instructional design companies.

Crawford & Company

Crawford & Company automated their Compliance Training using a web-based Compliance Training Distribution System (CTDA). The time needed to create a distribution decreased from weeks to less than an hour using CTDA.

Pilot LMS

Pilot LMS provides courses, quizzes, exams, and assessments, allowing learners to earn credits and certifications. LMS has trained more than 27,000 learners and reduced the per-employee cost vs. traditional training by 60%.


KMC LMS provides the ability to create a personalized URL to access the LMS and custom brand the entire application. The complete LMS can be customized and set up with assignments in less than 5 minutes.


What our clients say

WBPRO Instructional Services are used by some of the world’s biggest enterprises for training and compliance. See what our customers have to say about how our products transformed the learning process for their organization.

“I have worked with WBPRO for the last few years and I have found their work product to be of high quality. They are conscientious in their endeavors and reasonable in their cost. They consistently try to make the project or product better and are flexible with last-minute changes and upgrades. When I needed more resources, they were able to adjust and meet my needs. They have been a good company to work with.”

Colm Keenan
Vice President, eLearning Services

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