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How companies end up spending more on salesforce customizations

Author : Komal Bajaj
January 19, 2021

Salesforce customization costs

Salesforce is a potent tool that can be configured and customized according to your business needs. Salesforce customization refers to custom development with coding that aims to robust features to your CRM platform. Your Salesforce partner integrates these features with your business to have a scalable impact.

So, whether there is a need to create reports with complex calculation logic, your Salesforce partner ensures it by means of custom programming or builds custom integrations. Salesforce implementation partners provide the business even with specific functionalities which is near impossible to obtain with configuration. The need for customization is a must when:

  • The business has large amounts of data with complex business logic that can’t be fully covered with the default Salesforce functionality.
  • The current configured reports and dashboards are not reflective of the crucial critical data about the business process.
  • Also when integration with external systems like ERP, an eCommerce system is essential for your business.

Despite being highly beneficial and productive, implementation of Salesforce customization in your business organization can go wrong in many ways. Business organizations have to be extremely careful and make several considerations before, during, and after Salesforce implementation because even a small-scale mistake can be hard-hitting.

Hence the implementation needs to be planned carefully. If you proceed ahead having little or no inkling of what needs to be expected in terms of time, money, or resources, then you have set the wrong foot ahead. Salesforce CRM is no doubt a highly reputed and reliable CRM software platform that helps your sales team in managing an elaborate customer database. It also provides an array of automated and branched out service that increases the team’s productivity and considerably saves the time of your representatives. Yet if you proceed without any strategy, then you can unnecessarily add up layers of costs.

In this article, we intend to throw light on some of the most common factors that could increase the cost of Salesforce implementation at levels that might be difficult to revive back.

Lack of vision and goals

Starting off could be a problem and this is a major issue during the early period of Salesforce implementation. If the organization is still trying to understand how and where to start it means you lack vision or have no goals. It takes a lot of resources to implement an ‘out of the box’ Salesforce solution and it takes resourceful salesforce consulting services companies to implement a highly customized solution.

We strongly recommend your employees to undergo a training program because if you assume you can do it yourself without having any expertise could be huge trouble you are calling upon yourself.

Hiring a Salesforce partner is your best bet because they help you with the goal formation process. The reason why we stress this so much is that beyond the software setup, you will need a plan, document your business processes, and train your staff. Hence establishing realistic expectations and goals right from the beginning to ensure it is not a cost-bearing experience for you.

Not clear with requirements

This is a common pitfall and only highlights unpreparedness. By not having clear requirements we mean:

  • The project scope is not well-defined or not agreed upon yet
  • There are not enough details and omissions
  • Major communication breakdowns occurring
  • People who are involved in the project are not the right fit

Poor working on the requirements is one of the leading reasons for project failures. They establish the needs of stakeholders that can be solved by Salesforce implementation. Poor requirement formation happens because companies do not sit and discuss internally or do not agree on the list. You have to evaluate, document, and manage the requirements throughout the duration of the salesforce implementation as well as after it. If not then be prepared to shell out more.

Choosing the wrong Salesforce implementation partners

When you are jumping to conclusions with our salesforce consulting partner, then your ship is already half-sunk. If you plan on hiring a Salesforce consultant or a salesforce consulting partner for the long term, make sure you are doing your research. Knowing how to use Salesforce doesn’t make anyone the right Salesforce partner. Whoever you choose should have a deep understanding of your business processes. They should be able to understand what your business needs are, what is your weakness, and what solutions a salesforce certified consultant can offer. Trying to implement salesforce without understanding everything and then developing a strategy is a huge waste of a powerful tool. It also adds up to the cost because every wrong has to be corrected and this involves expenses.

When your cost estimation needs more work

Yes, it is a challenge but it is a need. It is crucial that organizations understand and give thought to every aspect of salesforce implementation by a salesforce partner because costs can be a tad too much. You have to go through the websites offering implementation, peep into the plans but keep an eye for hidden costs which can be burdensome. If you do not hire a salesforce consultant, then costs can become webby and complex. Hence understand what you need to meet your business goals and then proceed.

Going beyond the planned timelines

Time is money!

Costs can also skyrocket beyond the planned budget if Salesforce implementation is taking longer than expected. Smaller companies with fewer resources and products can expect Salesforce to be up and functioning in a shorter span, but what about bigger companies with large scale processes? On top of that, if your organization is still sitting with its legacy systems, Salesforce implementation will take longer and Salesforce implementation cost will burgeon.

The favorable situation would be to have a documented timeline for every implementation process. This ensures that there is a note of reference you can go back to whenever things get a bit complacent.

Remember to avoid these common mistakes, rev up your act, and ensure you choose the right salesforce consultant to do your job!

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