Data Science

The Data Analysis team at WBPRO utilizes advance techniques and knowledge of science to meet the requirement of the clients. Our Data Analysts incorporate rigorous analytical proprietary methodologies to understand better the underlying relation in data and to interpret large volume of data. We analyze data, incorporate the dynamics of nature, and provide predictions to our clients at the right time.

We offer integrated solutions in digital transformation and market intelligence. Our specialty lies in understanding clients’ market operations to come up with solutions that drive business. Going beyond the standard setup of web analytics, our Data Scientists offer business, channel, marketing, and customer analytics. Predictive analysis, data transformations, visualization, and database management are some other areas that we specialize in.

Our expertize lies in working with “big data” to deliver business outcomes to clients. Our Analysts assist you in making informed market decisions based on comprehensive data study. With the evolution of more and more data platforms, both internet- and network- based data are generated at rates higher than ever before. The call of the day is to have an incisive approach towards these “big data” so as to measure performance metrics and gauge program effectiveness.

Our service offering includes but is not limited to:

Data Analytics

Predictive Modeling

Basic Analytics