Crawford & Company Automates their Compliance Training Assignment Through WBPRO’s Developed Compliance Training Distribution System (CTDA)

Client Profile

Crawford & Company is a provider of claims management solutions to insurance companies and self-insured entities, with a global network of more than 700 locations in 63 countries. The Crawford System of Claims Solutions offers integrated claims services, business process outsourcing and consulting services for product lines, including property and casualty claims management, warranty inspection, workers’ compensation claims and medical management, and legal settlement administration.

Client’s Challenge

Crawford is required by law and their own policies to train their employees regularly in the relevant areas required for their job profiles. This compliance training curriculum helps employees to stay up-to-date with laws and regulations the company must follow in its operations. There are several rules which apply to this training scenario, such as, the job profile of the employee, their location, their department, the period of employment, previous training,  among others.

Every three months Crawford is required to go through the database of almost 10,000 employees, review their employment longevity, location, position, training history etc. to determine which course/training material needs to be assigned.

Initially, a spreadsheet was created manually by Crawford’s training department, but with thousands of employees in each distribution, they were finding it impossible to create the needed data on time as each employee had to be cross-checked against the multiple rule sets.

Crawford approached WBPRO to develop an application which could allow them to automate the distribution process.

WBPRO Approach

WBPRO conducted a study with the current business logic of requirements to identify how the process was currently handled. WBPRO’s engineers discussed their understanding with Crawford’s compliance training department to ensure the requirements were clearly understood. During this phase, WBPRO’s IT team took into consideration the modern trends in the industry and designed the application.

WBPRO suggested creating an automated system which would receive the input from the user directly via an input file and used that input file in conjunction with the predefined rules to create the distribution files. The process includes:

  • Review integrity of the employee population data to ensure all data has been imported with the correct format, identify conflicts and eliminate duplicates.
  • Allow the creation of compliance rules per:
    • Country
    • State
    • City
    • Department
    • Position
    • Hire date
    • Training term
    • Training history
  • Rules can be created, edited and deleted at any time.
  • Currently, the system goes through over 30 rules to automatically determine the correct training needs for the employee.

Benefits to the client

The most important client benefit is saving time creating a distribution. Previously, the compliance department manually processed the distributions for all employees and it was difficult to deliver on time. This required a huge amount of manpower during the time in which a distribution needed to be created. At times, the responsibility was moved to different departments and then later coordinated to create a single distribution file.

With the new application, the time to create a distribution decreased from weeks to less than one hour. Since the system has inbuilt error checking; its guarantee in the final distribution file was correct without needing to cross check.

This reduces the liability of the company ensuring that employees comply with government and company policies.


ASP.NET, .NET Framework 3.5, Oracle Server