4 Real Reasons Businesses Need Facebook Ads

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4 Real Reasons Businesses Need Facebook Ads

Author : Jorge Campos
June 14, 2016

As of April 2016, Facebook claimed it had over 1.59 billion active users. Thats over 22% of the entire world’s population! More businesses than ever are starting to advertise on Facebook upon realizing the immense benefits of engaging with their target market, while users are active and paying attention. Discover the top four reasons your business cannot avoid Facebook Ads as an essential ingredient to your advertising strategy.

 1. Organic Reach on Facebook is Decreasing

Currently only .05% of Followers for your Business Page actually see your posts. So let’s say you have hypothetically 1,000 followers, only 50 of them potentially saw your post. More than ever before Facebook users and potential customers use mobile devices to shop, browse, and connect, but only when they are ready to engage.Facebook Ads show up at the times users are actively viewing their news feed and open to viewing information.

4 Real Reasons Businesses Need Facebook Ads

4 Real Reasons Businesses Need Facebook Ads

2. Laser Targeting is Possible

Facebook Ads allow you to tailor your efforts to real people with interests, hobbies, and careers. Using comparable advertising services such as Google Adwords can get pretty costly because there is limited physical Ad space, an ever-rising cost per keyword, and no guarantee of exposure to your target niche. With Facebook Ads you can choose your audience by location, demographic, age, interests, life-events, or even purchase behaviors. For the relatively low price of under $60, it is an economical choice for a reach of under 10,000 actively engaged users.

3. Call to Action with No Stops

Considering over half of the 1.59 billion users login to Facebook on their mobile devices, Facebook’s call to action buttons are indispensable. Your audience can click on your brand page right from the Facebook App, and contact your business through the message or call now button. There are no additional steps or funnels to redirect from, essentially keeping your potential customer engaged and less likely to cancel the transaction due to website loading times or additional steps.

4 Real Reasons Businesses Need Facebook Ads

4 Real Reasons Businesses Need Facebook Ads

4. Condensing Your Re-marketing Efforts

All businesses want qualified leads and sales. Facebook Ad lead filters can help your business achieve these core goals. Cookies on your website must be enabled prior to selection this option. Facebook Ads allow for your website’s visitors, to be directly followed up on through a form of drip advertising. Of your accumulated visitors, filters can be added regarding behavioral or demographic specifications, further condensing your target market and lowering your acquisition costs.

Over 1 million businesses use Facebook Ads and half of their revenue derives from mobile apps. Can your business afford to miss out on those users?

*This article was originally created by Jorge Campos, Sr. Software Consultant at WBpro.

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