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Adaptive Learning ─ Giving You the Freedom to Choose

Author : Jorge Campos
June 5, 2020


  • Adaptive Learning provides personalized training by using inference algorithms to adapt training content to the learning needs of the students based on their pace and performance.
  • Unlike other training programs, this technology customizes curriculum as per the knowledge level of the learners, tracks their performance, and provides feedback regularly.
  • Adaptive Learning proves highly beneficial for companies as it improves employees’ retention ability, helps employees to learn at their pace, sets priorities to facilitate right focus, and saves companies’ time and money.

The success of an organization is primarily dependent on the growth, management, and development of its most primary asset, its people. It becomes essential to provide adequate training to staff to improve their job skills and leadership talent. “One-size fits all” training programs worked well some years back but now with the growing demands in the workplace, personalized training is the best one to address individual needs and gaps. However, it may not be feasible for an organization to have enough instructors to train each employee personally. This is where Adaptive Learning proves helpful. We will see adaptive learning examples in this article.

Adaptive Learning emulates one-to-one training by using inference algorithms to adapt training content to the learning needs of the students based on their performance in assessments and tasks. The technology automatically customizes the curriculum as per the knowledge level of the learners and tracks their progress continues to provide feedback on a regular basis using advance and custom LMS

The best thing about this style of learning is it takes a non-linear approach to teach and adjusts instructions according to the pace of the learners. For example, you need to teach a student how to drive a car and plan to teach the application of brakes, accelerator, and steering wheel in three different sessions. This will never be a fruitful session in contrast to the one where you teach the application of all three of them simultaneously. Similarly, Adaptive Learning uses a cumulative and non-linear approach to conceptualize context and build assessments.

WBPRO develops customized learning solutions with instructional design in a way that they push the learners to do the thinking job and come up with innovative ideas to solve specific issues they are most likely to face in their workplace. Instead of merely engaging the learners in a contextual session with an assessment at the end, WBPRO Adaptive Learning programs make them confront a situation close to real life so that they bring up their ideas and intuition to analyze the situation. Algorithms can instantly send custom feedback once the learners have given their response and accordingly the engine adapts and differentiates to present the next module as per the learners’ pace.

How companies benefit from Adaptive Learning?

Improves employees’ retention ability: Adaptive Learning works best to eliminate the “forgetting curve.” Organizations invest a considerable amount in training, but often the employees tend to forget what they have learned in the session soon after the training. This could be due to many factors like gap between the session and the actual work where the knowledge is to be applied, the incomprehensibility of the training session, or lack of previous experience on the particular tool/application for which the training was given. Unlike other training programs, Adaptive technology continuously assesses the learners’ knowledge with varying scaffolds to identify and close gaps before they need to use this knowledge. Learner-directed, motivating training programs with gaming fundamentals and rewarding strategies grab the learners’ attention and improve understanding.

Helps employees to learn at their pace: Adaptive Learning works with the technology that can assess whether an employee has mastered a concept or is still struggling with it and can accordingly adjust the instructions in real-time. WBPRO Adaptive Learning solutions are optimized to change approach depending on each learner’s level to make sure they master the concept before moving on to more difficult and advanced topics. Employees learn at their own pace and deliver the best results. Our solutions also help in learning new skills that may not be one’s forte.

Sets priorities to facilitate the right focus: Companies often have multiple areas that require training, but not all of them can be the priority. Adaptive technology helps to set priorities and take the employee through the training as they master each topic. Training can be designed to personalize learning paths to help employees of an organization identify their priorities. Also, we use Adaptive technology to trace the areas the employees are struggling with and propose further pieces of training to help them master them.

Saves the company’s time and money: By implementing Adaptive Learning solutions, assigning training to employees is a thing of the past. The inbuilt algorithms provide the required feedback at regular intervals and monitor the progress of the learners. Resources are thus spared to concentrate on other value-adding tasks. Further, these training programs help the companies to cut down costs by allowing the workforce to move rapidly through the information that they already know. Training time is cut by almost 50 percent in most cases saving valuable work time, money, and employee aggravation.   

Concluding lines:

Today, Adaptive Learning has changed the way organizations look to train its resources. It has made the companies realize the futility of “one-size fits all” training programs and benefits of investing in big-data science to re-invent individualized learning experiences. Adaptive technology is still in its infancy and it is already doing wonders. As Artificial Intelligence continues to grow, Adaptive technology is sure to see revolutions in the coming days and WBPRO promises to turn training and learning into a never-before magical experience.   

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This article is created by S. Swati Nair, Sr. Instructional Designer at WBPRO.